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Value Assessment

You arrived with nothing, yet you’re the bundle of joy to the family. You grow up receiving , seeing, hearing and touching everything. As you grow, you take on or give in too much. You feel drained, shortchanged and deprived. You are ready to let go. You are ready to speak up. You arrived with nothing . Yet you were the bundle of joy. Truly, you don’t need what the world can give. You can already give what the world needs. YOU!

Personal Development Coaching

We have discovered that those who lack the courage to stand out are unwilling to experience pain, hurt or rejection beyond what they have already been through. We shall help you to realise that negative mindset is nothing more than a stack of words. You have registered and written them in your subsconscious and if replayed or triggered, they will stunt your movement, actions and ultimate growth. Let’s get creative and enjoy living again. 

RoadMap & Planning

The courage to stand out has literally become the underlying topic of discussion for every individual who has been to social gatherings, business meetings and seminars. “I was nervous when I saw so many people that day.” “I forgot to say goodbye.” “He didn’t smile at me. What should I do.” “I forgot to bring my namecard.” Many admit to being scared or awkward and many more agree that to be confident on such occassions require practice. The good news is this practice, which we call speaking, can be taught and learnt.  Speaking  has thus become known as the hardest skill to master. Yet, so many people are so eager to learn speaking because of what it does to their self confidence and image. It boosts confidence and builds strong relationships. Anyone who has aquired this skill are already ahead in life, love and business. We help you find the courage to speak and stand out from the crowd!


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Thank you for visiting my website. If you have read through to this point, I believe you have found my work interesting and perhaps would like to knw more about me. I shall see you on the inside. You are welcome to follow me on my social media platforms. 


To inspire and ignite the hearts of achievers so as to lead a fulfilled life and claim their true identity.  We bring wisdom, courage and leadership. 


We are great achievers with great knowledge and skills. We love our families and bring other families together We are great providers to our people, community and nation. We enjoy living a  prosperous life, We believe in moving forward in love,
life and business. We love education and continue to learn with others in order to build strong teams and leaders. 


Hanifa guides me step by step which that takes a lot of time and brain power. I really appreciate her. She is a No. 1 coach.”

Goh Chun Hoong

Founder Dark Box Studio, No. 1 Creator on Tapas Webcomic Platform

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