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Have you ever supported anyone out of good intentions only to be judged from the results you’ve produced? Have you tried so hard to please that you thought your actions may be appreciated, only to be measured by the results you can produce?

In a world where people are hungry for change, kindness has turned into a commodity. We trade emotions and feelings.

You can’t say things that hurt others. You cannot be direct. You are much less welcomed when you’re blunt. So you say nice and kind words. That too has become words of trade.

“I’d like to meet you.” means “I have something important to talk to you about. *usually business.”

“Are you interested?” means “I want to join.”

“How much?” means “I’m ready to pay.”

“Thank you.” …. for?

People read all your lines between those lines, no matter how raw and simple your intentions.

Speak and Stand Out