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Are you listening to yourself speaking every day?
Are you responding to your higher calling ?
Do you have the right strategy to lead you to success?
This morning I woke up feeling punched in the head and in the guts. I could feel my body needing the exercise and I quickly jumped out of bed. I knew that if I had not done so, I would be staring at the ceiling and hoping that I could sleep a little longer.
I did my sholat and walked to my bed and yes, I laid down. I felt the punch in the head and in my guts again. This time, I could feel it in my chest, as if I was being reprimannded by my parents.
Whilst still in my morning stupor, I turned to hug my husband.
I am blessed. I am grateful. I am thankful.
That punch in head and gut makes me realise that at least I still have someone to turn to when I am in pain or feel hurt. It also reminds me that, not everyone is as fortunate as I am right now. Performing my sholat 5 times a day may not even be enough to remind me that I am just borrowing time on this earth. At times, I need to feel the pain in order to appreciate blessings.
I said to myself, there has to be something new I have to do or become more of who I am.
I am not only enough. I have enough.
I kicked myself out of bed, got into my jogging outfit, slipped into my jogging shoes and left for the morning sun.
Give me 20 minutes and I will enlightened your mind.
They say success comes with a price or sacrifice.
Well, I say Success comes with a mind built for it.
Courage To Tell Yourself That You Are Worthy